About our service

Built with the MapleStory community in mind, we offer each player the chance to succeed that they deserve. Our service provides innovative and useful tools for maplers to enjoy what it truely means to be a mapler!

Looking for a certain scroll or that one chair you're missing from your collection? With Maple.Fm, you can effortlessly search for an item by name, price, and many more categories across the entire Free Market!

How is information collected?

Maple.fm, as a service, does not collect nor gather the information we display on our site ourselves. All information retaining to the Free Market and in-game statistics are provided to us by a 3rd-party source through a private API.

Due to the nature of our service, the methods this source use to collect information is not under our control, nor can we accurately predict potential downtimes or "wait periods" after an update.

To ensure this source is ran in a transparent manner to us, we have required it to function is a quiet and respectful manner. All characters associated with this service will never talk, disturb, or advertise to other players or interfere the gameplay of others. In the case the above statement is false, please report the player through the in-game report system.