"Striving to better it’s community as well as MapleStory, we assist developers and talented individuals by proving the tools they need to launch themselves into their field."

Official Apps

The following are applications, extensions, and tools created by the team or officially sponsored by us. For most applications, we have provided the open source to allow developers to create similar tools or view how each application functions.

Watchlist Google Chrome Open Source

An extension that allows you to create personalized watch-lists for each server on

You can provide an item name, how much you'd be willing to pay for it, and then sit back and watch the results. Whenever that item is listed on the market, you will get an instant notification for it and where it's located!

Additionally, when browsing the MapleStory forums (Nexon America), a button has been added that allows you to easily include item information within posts, including the item's icon. More features will be added in the future.

Google Web Store Source

FreeMarket iOS Free

An application for iOS that allows you to view the Free Market and create a customizable watchlist while on the go.

Please view the App Store page for updated information about this application.

For all technical support, please contact Gott ([email protected]) or Sorawit ([email protected]) by email.

App Store

Unofficial Apps

We are currently awaiting more submitted applications before presenting them here. If you would like your application showcased here, please send an email to [email protected].